Selecting the Flooring for Your Home:

sands-carpet-one-flooring-winterAlthough there is not such thing called an ideal time for your home renovation and remodeling, you should always choose the right time for a successful completion and easy installation. Experts claim that seasonal climate and humidity can drastically affect the flooring projects in your home. If your home improvement includes flooring upgrade, then choosing to install in the fall season in highly recommended.

Why you Should Choose to Install Flooring in Fall?

Temperature and humidity are two chief factors that affect the hardwood flooring installation. Because wood has a tendency to absorb moisture due to its naturally porous surface, your new hardwood flooring can become vulnerable to damage when the humidity level is high or extremely low. If you stay in a state where the overall climate is cool, then summer is the best time for hardwood floor installation. Aside from the inconvenience of the holiday season, the winter time is not suitable for flooring installation due to the possible drying effect due to excess loss of moisture. Therefore, fall is the best time for the hardwood floor installation.

Preparing your Home Flooring for Winter:

With the highest humidity level and cool weather in winter, it becomes difficult to install flooring during colder months. It is also important to keep your home ready for winter too. Talk to your our flooring experts and schedule for the installation in fall. In that way, your home will be ready for winter and for the holiday season too.

Flooring Installation Adhesives Used:

Flooring installers use a type of adhesive while installing the wood flooring. For optimal adhesion and bonding, the temperature and moisture level should be ideal too. Winter is thus not the ideal time for this project.

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